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Because I’ve found I can entertain people pretty well with stories from my past. Some people, at least, think I can write (see “Inventing the Future” and “The Big Bucks”).

Would you buy an entire book of this? Well, you might get your chance sometime, but for now, you’ll just have to read it in bite-sized chunks, once a week. If you don’t like one, wait two weeks and there’ll be another.

I’ve been to 26 countries (counting the former Yugoslavia as two), including Hungary and Czechoslovakia before the Iron Curtain came down. I worked on the Xerox Star (see “Inventing the Future”), the early Internet, and single-handedly found the secret weapon to destroy a Microsoft patent and save Google Maps in Germany. I don’t have kids so you won’t see any boring grandchildren stories.

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Retired software engineer in San Jose, CA, author of "Inventing the Future" a novel about the Xerox Star and Apple, and "The Big Bucks" a novel about the 80s and the quiet birth of the Internet. https://www.albertcory.io